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Using Zabbix with PostgreSQL as the database backend

We started using Zabbix to monitor the IT infrastructure at The University of Oslo in 2014. During all this time we have been running all our Zabbix servers on VMware virtual servers with an acceptable level of performance. This situation changed some months ago when the VMvare+Storage we were using did not have more available resources for us to grow and it was slowing down the future development of our monitoring system.

PgBackMan - Release version 1.2.0

It has been a while since the last release of PgBackMan and with this version we hope to start a new period with more frequent releases. This new release implements some new features and fixes some bugs from version 1.1.0. Source files, RPM and DEB files are available at GitHub.

New features

  • Add support for postgreSQL 9.6

  • Add dbname exception field to register_snapshot_definition

PostgreSQL Backup Manager

A 5 minuttes lightning talk that presents PgBackMan.

PgBackMan is a tool for managing PostgreSQL logical backups created with pg_dump and pg_dumpall. It is designed to manage backups from thousands of databases running in multiple PostgreSQL nodes, and it supports a multiple backup server topology.

It also manages role and database configuration information when creating a backup of a database.

PgBackMan - Release version 1.1.0

This new release of PgBackMan implements some new features and fixes some bugs from version 1.0.0. Read the"Migration to 1.1.0" section for important details before you upgrade to this new version.

El guardian del tesoro

The primary purpose of a database administrator (DBA) is to protect a precious treasure, our data.

A DBA must ensure the integrity of the data in the database, the availability of this data when needed, the durability over time and that only authorized personal have access to this data.

Unfortunately this is not always true and very often we can see systems with severe security problems in the way that ensure and protect the data.


Presentation / workshop about monitoring and PostgreSQL given in the PgDay Latinoamericano 2011

Asegurando nuestros datos

A general presentation about different aspects and components we have to take care of when securing the data in a PostgreSQL database.

PostgreSQL - What makes this database so powerful

A general presentation about PostgreSQL database for the GoOpen2008 conference in Oslo.

PostgreSQL - The most advanced database in the world

An extended presentation about PostgreSQL, the history of the project, features, administration and the most important tuning parameters.

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