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Zabbix in a DevOps environment

A case study about how the University of Oslo uses Zabbix in a DEVOPS environment where changes happen fast and no one can have control of everything.

Using Zabbix with PostgreSQL as the database backend

We started using Zabbix to monitor the IT infrastructure at The University of Oslo in 2014. During all this time we have been running all our Zabbix servers on VMware virtual servers with an acceptable level of performance. This situation changed some months ago when the VMvare+Storage we were using did not have more available resources for us to grow and it was slowing down the future development of our monitoring system.

Zabbix-CLI - Release version 1.7.0

A new version of Zabbix-CLI has been released to the public. Source files, RPM and DEB files are available at GitHub.

This new version has new general improvements and new functionality to acknowledge events.

New features

  • [Issue:#17]: Add a new command 'show_trigger_events' to show events
    for a trigger.

ZABBIX automation @ UiO

A short presentation focused on how we automate the Zabbix configuration at the Universitity of Oslo

Examples from the new version of Zabbix-CLI - v.1.6.0

Just before Christmas we launched a new version of the Zabbix-CLI client we have developed at The University of Oslo.

Zabbix-CLI 1.6.0 implements some new options for configuring the client and some new commands to handle maintenance periods in Zabbix via Zabbix-CLI.

To read about all the possibilities available to configure this client, you can use the Zabbix-CLI manual found at Github:

Zabbix-CLI - Release version 1.6.0

A new version of Zabbix-CLI has been released. Source files, RPM and DEB files are available at GitHub.

We are working to get Zabbix-CLI in the official Debian repository and a repository for RPM packages will be available soon.

Lightning Talk - Zabbix-CLI

This presentaion is a 5 minuttes lightning talk that presents Zabbix-CLI.

Zabbix-cli is a tool for managing some administration tasks in monitoring systems running Zabbix.

It is a terminal client written in Python that uses the Zabbix-API to connect to your Zabbix installation. It has been developed and tested by members of the Department for IT Infrastructure at the Center for Information Technology at the University of Oslo, Norway.


A case study showing the problems we have resolved with Zabbix and the challenges we had when we implemented Zabbix as the main monitoring tool at the University of Oslo.

The number of challenges is not low in an organization as heterogenous as ours, with many thousands of servers and clients, all kinds of devices connected to our infrastructure, different operating systems, multiple locations and hundreds of IT staff. Full automation and delegation of privileges are the key words in the work we have done during the past year and a half.

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